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Share:, also sometimes referred to as the best free OCR tool, is used for digital data extraction needs such as; extracting text from images, handwritten notes, screenshots, or any other type of picture. 

This article will explain how is a one-stop solution to all of your digital needs. 

Today, when data is vast and omnipresent, the challenge is no longer only about acquiring data but extracting meaningful information from it efficiently. 

While there is an array of tools that offer AI writing tools and  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, translating scanned images or PDFs into searchable and editable text becomes overwhelming. 

Not every piece of information is relevant to everyone.

This is where comes into the picture, a remarkable platform that transcends typical OCR  used for digital extraction tools.

Read on further and explore how has positioned itself as the go-to solution for these advanced digital data needs. 

What is

Let’s add a little introduction to for you. is a web-based OCR platform that offers a plethora of features. With dedicated PDF converters, you can easily transform entire documents into formats suitable for further processing or archival.

Its image converters not only change file formats but also ensure that the resultant file retains its quality and clarity. It is popular in desktop image-to-text conversion workflows. 

At the core of its image-to-text converter is the ability to convert a wide array of image formats into editable and searchable text.

Whether you’re dealing with PNG, JPG, GIF, JPEG, or other popular image types, stands ready to decode them. 

To better understand the tool’s functionalities, here is the

Detailed Review of specializes in converting scanned documents into searchable text.

In the subsequent sections, I’ll briefly mention its primary functionalities, beginning with a general overview and subsequent benefits it offers. It’s worth noting that boasts a suite of over 50 tools.

However, in this review, I’ll be focusing on and evaluating only the most impactful and beneficial ones among them.

Ready? Let’s dive in! 

1. Image to Text Converter is an online, free-of-charge OCR tool that translates images into words, making the previously non-editable text within images useful. This OCR tool recognizes the characters in an image and converts them into actual text. 

If you need to translate Google images with text into digital files or convert PDFs, and screenshots into editable texts, this tool can be a goldmine. 

Also, if you have tons of scanned documents and you want to go paperless, this picture-to-text converter tool can be very useful when trying to digitize, organize, and effortlessly search through your entire document archive. 

I was keen to test the OCR proficiency in recognizing text from physical copies. My first experiment involved scanning a digital text image from Google with its image-to-text scanner. 

I uploaded the image to using my computer system’s “Upload Image” feature. 

Digital Needs

Upon inspection, efficiently identified and processed the text blocks within the document.

At this point, the digital output seemed impeccable. 

For a more challenging test, I took a picture of handwritten text using my iPhone and uploaded it similarly to the Image to Text editor.

The picture was not clear and had noticeable distortion.


Digital Needs

The photo’s blurriness and distortion would have posed significant challenges for most software.

Yet, when I uploaded it to this Image converter, I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Despite the photo’s imperfections, the tool managed to decipher the handwritten text with remarkable accuracy. 

Digital Needs

It was evident that the Image to Text was not just designed for clean, typed text but also had capabilities robust enough to handle more intricate challenges like deciphering handwritten content, even from less-than-ideal images.

To sum it up: excels with its swift and precise text recognition. Its advanced text recognition capabilities solidify its position as a top-tier tool in the field. Moreover, its performance with skewed and distorted text is a testament to its efficiency and accuracy.

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2. Image Compressor

I started exploring more image editing tools by 

There are several image editing tools. I found this image compressor and wanted to see how close could get to shrinking the file size of images while ensuring that the visual quality remains largely untouched. 

So, I used the ‘image compressor”, which promises to manage the image size without compromising on quality. 

Navigating to and accessing their Image Compressor was a breeze.

The best thing about the tool is its image compression level feature. 

Digital Needs

The tool offers a spectrum of choices whether you’re aiming for moderate size reductions or seeking extreme compression. 

  • Normal: Retains most of the image quality while providing a moderate level of compression. 
  • Good: Provides a balanced compression, reducing the file size considerably while maintaining good image quality.
  • High: Offers a higher degree of compression, leading to significant size reduction but might slightly compromise the image quality. 
  • Extreme: Maximizes the compression, leading to the smallest file sizes. Some image quality might be sacrificed. 

I uploaded a high-resolution photo, which usually poses upload and sharing challenges due to its size. 

The compressor worked its magic almost instantly. To my astonishment, the image’s size drastically reduced as per my selected settings, but when I scrutinized the compressed output, the quality drop was a little bit compromised.

3. Image Resizer also offers Image Resizer – a notable feature that promises precision without compromising quality. 

Digital imaging puts so much emphasis on aesthetics and optimization, that having a reliable tool to resize images can be a game-changer. 

That’s where you can use this free image resizer tool. The interface is clean and intuitive. The “By Dimensions” and “As Percentage” options give flexibility to those who have specific dimensions in mind and those who want to scale their image.

After uploading an image and tweaking the dimensions, hitting the ‘Resize’ button promptly gave me a resized image that retained its clarity, a testament to its underlying algorithms.

Image Resizer

The best part? The Image Resizer restructures the pixel count of the image based on the user’s input.

Depending on the requirement, it can scale down the dimensions or adjust the quality, ensuring the image retains its essence.

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer, a blogger, or just someone keen on sharing memories, this tool facilitates the journey.

Based on my exploration, it’s another win for

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Final Verdict

Do you want to seamlessly convert your scanned documents into editable text?

Do you have a pile of poor background images that you want to fine-tune by removing backgrounds or compressing those high-resolution snapshots without substantial quality loss? Then is for you.

For those predominantly relying on image conversions, compressions, and edits, comes off as a comprehensive solution for your digital extraction needs.

However, for those seeking extensive PDF editing features or Mac-specific integrations, you might want to pair this with other specialized tools.

All in all, is an invaluable asset in the digital toolbox, worthy of its OCR recognition.

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