12 Amazing Foods To Eat Every Day (Plus 5 extras)


12 Amazing Foods To Eat Every Day

Nutrition is the fundamental requirement for all living things in response to growth and derivation of energy.

That being said, every bit of biochemical activity occurring inside the billions of cells inside you utilizes what you put in your stomach. Therefore, this validates the saying “you are what you eat”.

However, some have lost their way when it comes to dieting and getting the right food to eat because of other lifestyle choices such as binge drinking, gluttony and smoking. This may cause obesity and poor heart conditions which ultimately affects the overall health.

I know your goal is to look fit and healthy without stress.  Little wonder you went through the internet to Google healthy foods you can eat every day which will give you optimal results without stress. 

Whenever you go through foods to eat that helps to maintain your body, you might have noticed that some of the foods listed are unavailable within your environment or unaffordable.

You might also be pessimistic about engaging in this journey to healthy living because it involves letting go of your favourite sugar-filled drink and mouth-watering snacks like cakes. But, trust me, you are going to love yourself more after trying these foods out.

 I was once in your shoes and there are other people who get frustrated that they cannot stay fit.

Good news – you can achieve your weight or health goals with other foods that are garnished with the right nutrient to keep you going, plus they are obtainable. I will be making a list of some amazing foods to try out every day.


There are different types of fruits and each of them has what they are known for. For example, the citrus family (lemon, tangerine, grape, lime and orange) are known for their high Vitamin C content.

Banana is known for its richness in potassium while watermelon contains a greater percentage of water, vitamin c and citrulline. It also contains potassium which enhances your nerve impulse conduction as well as maintaining osmolarity in your cells and other vital organs. I’ll go into more details below:

1. Oranges

This is a very popular fruit that can be easily obtained because it does not cost much. Orange is a good fruit to start your day because it is filling and prevents unnecessary eating throughout the day.

It is very high in vitamin C which helps you to keep a very good immune system and also help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Taking one orange per day is the prescription for amazing skin and normal blood pressure. It is also a good way to keep your sugar level in check, which is what you need for weight loss. Whenever you think of taking a drink with a very high amount of sugar, grab an orange.

2. Watermelon

Imagine eating food that makes you full and with the lowest amount of calories. That means you can eat as much as you want without worrying about gaining the lightest weight. Awesome right?

Watermelon contains water and other important nutrients that you need. Eating watermelon every day is very important as, in the long run, it prevents ageing and helps lower the risk of having diseases like cancer and heart problems.

So, are you thinking of losing weight? Eat a watermelon today, tomorrow and every day of your life.

3. Pineapple

They are very good in fighting diseases and improving your immune system. When sick, pineapple is one vital food you should eat. Not only should you take pineapple when sick, but it is also a necessary fruit to eat after surgery or exercise.

There is a presence of bromelain in pineapple, so taking it after undergoing surgery can help reduce your time of recovery. The same applies to exercise. After the rigorous exercise, you will feel exhausted and eating pineapple will help find your strength.

Now imagine taking a considerable amount of pineapple every day, what will be its effect in your body?

a) You stand a chance of not getting cancer.

b) Easy digestion of food.

c) Manganese to help protect your body cell and provide you with healthy bones.

d) Since there is a low amount of fat in pineapple, it aids weight loss.

4. Banana

12 Amazing Foods To Eat Every Day

12 Amazing Foods To Eat Every Day

Are you looking to turning your body fats into energy? Banana contains vitamin B6 that takes on the task of turning fats into energy.

One unique benefit of banana is that it helps you ease stress, pain, mood and sleep. This supports your brain health and also gives you a healthy nervous system.

Taking it can help you remain full, prevent constipation and aid weight loss. If you are infatuated with keeping your skin beautiful, why not give bananas a try? You cannot complain of its scarcity since banana is a popular fruit and can fit into your budget.


5. Beans

Kidney beans, the most easily found bean in our society, has a very high amount of fibre and guess what? it means that eating kidney bean can help slow down the rate at which your blood absorbs sugar which means you will eventually have a low sugar level in your body.

Have you realized the benefit of consuming an average amount of kidney bean every day? You lose weight even without stressing yourself. You do not need to worry about this food not fitting into your budgets because kidney beans are cheap to get and nutritious. If you are a vegetarian, eating beans is a good way to make up for the loss of protein in your body since eating meat isn’t in your niche.

Colon cancer is the common cancer of the large intestine which can be prevented by eating a considerable amount of kidney beans like 4 times in a week. 

6. Peanuts

We all love to call it groundnut. Well, peanuts or groundnut are popularly believed yo give you pimples on the face. Well, that is only for people who are allergic to it.

If you are not allergic to groundnuts, it is advisable to always add a good amount of it in your diet to help aid your heart health, prevent stroke and diabetes.

Note that although the fat in peanuts is healthy, you should consider taking a small amount if you are very strict with your weight loss journey.

For healthy teeth, bone, cell growth and muscle function, the phosphorus in groundnuts play the role of achieving that. If you are not allergic to peanuts, do not forget to always add them to your food.


Fruits and vegetables are usually grouped together but vegetables especially the green leafy ones are rich sources of vitamins and minerals such as iron.

They form a very important part of the blood responsible for carrying oxygen called haemoglobin. Also, its fibre content decreases the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine and stimulates bowel movement. 

7. Cucumber

This should probably be in the fruits section but it can also be considered a vegetable. Cucumber is a perfect food to eat when looking forward to a flat tummy. It contains water which keeps you hydrated and makes it easy for you to burn fat.

When eating cucumber, make sure you eat it wholly and unpeeled to avoid losing some of its nutrients. It is also advisable not to eat it at night but in the day morning to give you amazing health results.

If you are a diabetic patient, do well to eat this vegetable every day as it can help to lower blood sugar. In addition, you will rarely have problems with bowel movement.

8. Carrot

So crunchy, so tasty. It may not be tasty for you as a first-timer trying to lose weight and stay healthy. But do not worry, as time goes on, you will begin to realize its tastiness.

This vegetable has its season so do well to eat as much as you can at its peak. Why should you eat it daily? Let me tell you why.

a) Better eye health – If you are in the category of people struggling with your eyesight, why don’t you give carrot a try? It contains nutrients that boost your eye health.

b) Helps you stay hydrated. Yes, hydrated!.

c) It contains fibre which gives you the feeling that you are filled, hence, you tend to eat less and lose weight.

9. Tomato

One of our favourite dishes. After reading the health benefits of tomato, I bet you will be more willing to add a slice or two to your dishes.

Want amazing skin? Give tomato a chance in your food budget. They are made up of certain nutrients that will give your skin a glowing look and shiny hair. Yes, tomato is made up of vitamin A which keeps your hair strong. They are also good for your eyes and bones.

If you are a smoker, some of the damages smoking does to your body gets cleaned up by the nutrients in tomato called coumaric and chlorogenic acid.

10. Egg

One of the best foods out there to put on your menu is an egg. Loaded with enough minerals that cannot easily be found in your regular diet. Eggs are the richest amongst the sources of proteins. It not only supply with you with essential and non-essential amino acid-like arginine, but it also contains minerals such as zinc.

Want to boost your brain capacity? eating eggs on a daily basis will help. Are you a student interested in improving your grades, eggs should be your friend. Not only does it work wonders on your brain, but it also reduces the occurrence of heart disease, eye problems and stroke in the future.

Eggs are very important for pregnant women as they help in the development of your baby’s brain. The nutrients responsible for this is choline.

As I wrote earlier, eggs are very good for your eyes. If you want to avoid the problem that comes with old age, consider egg as the way. As they say, Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

11. Fish and seafood

Seafoods are one of the best providers of protein and other major minerals that your body is lacking. For example, Omega-3 fatty acid is not easily found in most dishes but available in fishes.

Examples of foods in this category are oysters, salmon and sardines. You shouldn’t take seafood for granted when it comes to your overall health. They are very rich in dietary calcium, zinc, proteins, omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 plays a very vital role in the body.

Its outstanding benefit works on a cellular level and helps your cells maintain its structure. Oysters contain a rich amount of zinc. Its absence in the body can lead to various illnesses like heart problems and stroke. These two illnesses should not be taken lightly as they are the major causes of death in the world.

Also, the absence of it causes your brain and eye to function less than they should. Fish is also made up of vitamin D, a very important nutrient that can increase your sleep quality.

One major problem affecting people in the world today is depression. If you are suffering from depression or you have no interest in life, eat fish. Some research has shown that Omega-3 fatty acid can help treat depression.

Try taking an average portion of fish every day. It works wonders in your body and your child’s life as it prevents asthma in children.

12. Rice

Our favourite grain. One thing I love about rice is that you can season it to whatever flavour you like and it will end up being delicious.

Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice as it contains more fibre. I will advise you to stick to brown rice especially if you’re diabetic. Brown rice is advisable for you because white rice can increase your blood sugar level.

Just so you know, brown rice contains no fat, so throw way that baseless theory that believes there is fat in rice. Unless you add oil or other foods that have fat in them, rice itself is fat-free.

White refined rice alone contains just basic nutrients but brown rice is filled with enough fibre that is good for your weight loss journey. For growth, development and proper metabolism, be sure to eat brown rice like 4 to 5 times a week.

Yay! you’ve gotten to the end of the list but here’s the bonus I promised below

1. Tiger nuts juice

Tiger nut, known in Hausa as dobino is popular among the northern part of Nigeria and also sold in the southern part of the country. It is blended with the honey tasting date and coconut to make tiger nut juice which is very sweet and satisfying.

This combo is very nutritious and rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fats and fibre. The juice is milky in colour and serves as an alternative for people with lactose intolerance so it can be used in your tea.

It doesn’t require any special method to make, such that tiger nut and date will suffice without coconut. The nutrients have antioxidant property, stimulates normal blood flow and pH and also prevent you from developing diabetes.

2. Olive Oil

If you regularly cook with groundnut oil, you would want to switch to olive oil because of its low levels of bad cholesterol and high levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that can nourish your cells.

3. Bitter cola

It is very effective and has an aphrodisiac effect. It also contains vitamins and minerals that can improve your health. However, if you react negatively to caffeine, you would want to skip bitter cola because it is rich in caffeine.

4. Date

Date is a dry fruit that tastes like honey when eaten. It is sold along with tiger nut and blended with it to make the tiger nut juice. However, date works independently and its sugary taste can boost up your energy level and act as a natural source of sugar.

Dates have been proven to contain estradiol and flavonoid which boost reproductive health. Other additional benefits of date include maintaining your sugar levels, prevent the risk of heart diseases and anaemia as well as aiding of digestion.

5. Meat

Meat sources such as lean red meat and chicken, are rich sources of dietary proteins, iron and zinc as well as other vitamins and minerals. Consuming red meat in moderate amount will supply you with the necessary nutrient.

Lean meat is a rich source of cobalamin which is important in blood production and maintenance of the nervous system. While these foods listed above are necessary, there are some certain kinds of food that should be avoided. These are;

  • Processed foods including hot dogs, corned beef, sausage
  • Fried foods
  • Alcohol
  • Full-fat dairy foods.


These are healthy foods to eat every day. Eating them for the first few weeks of your journey may feel tiring but do not give up just yet. As I said, I will be making a list of foods that can easily be obtainable in your environment and I already did.

You also have no need to worry about them being expensive because those foods listed above can fit into anyone’s budget.

In conclusion, too much of anything is bad. When taking the foods listed above, it is advisable to take them in moderate quantity every day.

Many go through the pains of undergoing rigorous exercise just to stay fit but, there is an easy way and I have just made it known to you.

Do not get me wrong – exercising is good for you and you should definitely engage in it, however, exercising and eating the right food is the secret to a well-rounded healthy life.

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