20 Creative Ways To Make Your Husband Laugh The More


20 Creative Steps To Make Your Husband Laugh The More

Is your husband always gloomy and uncheerful for the most part of the day?

If yes, then you can help him improve his countenance by making him laugh the more. 

Enjoyment, glee, happiness, amusement, and merriment are words that can be used to describe laughter. Asides sparking up your love for each other in your marriage, laughter releases endorphins and helps you both to establish a social bond.

I know you really want to make your husband laugh more in your marriage and I have good news for you – you can restore the fun in him and have so much laughter together.

On the other hand, if your husband is already a type that laughs from time to time in your marriage, you can still do some things to make him laugh the more.

Whatever category you find yourself, you can use these ways to reduce many marriage problems and cause more laughter into your marriage.

1. Discover what makes you laugh

Your first step is to answer this question. You know what makes you happy in your subconscious mind. It might be a bit hard to put it into words or pinpoint if you haven’t been taking note of these things. However, you can gradually overcome this by making notes of things that make you laugh.

You will be surprised at your discoveries. There are some small things that make you happy. Discovering yourself is a great way to start making another person laugh more. This will also help your partner to know how to make you laugh.

Apply what makes you laugh to your partner and watch his reaction, he will likely giggle at first, but with time, he will get used to it and show a wider expression.

2. Know your partner

You should also study your partner specifically. What makes your partner laugh? Once you have gotten an idea of what makes you laugh, it might be easier for you to identify what makes your partner laugh too. Study his reaction to things and situations around.

You could take a cue from his conversation with his close friends and note the highlights. Pay attention to what makes him laugh and use that information to your advantage.

The faster you are able to figure these things out, the more you guys will have a common sense of humour.

3. Strike a balance between respect and humour

Whenever I look at the word ‘respect’, I usually find the word ‘humour’ hidden in it. When I see my parents with their grey hair smiling and laughing together, they do so respectfully. Without doubts, there are several ways to communicate respect.

They showed me that I can make my spouse laugh without the use of offensive words.

When you respect your spouse, making her laugh would be easier and you will leave a lasting impression. Aggressive sense of humour is bad for both the family and society. Study how to make your partner laugh while respecting them.

4. Bring laughter into everything you do

Whenever my spouse and I are doing a chore together, we take longer to do it because we laugh most of the time. Though that may not be on the productive side “strictly”, but it is surely fun.

You and your spouse could achieve more in the long run when you find humour in things you do daily. laying of beds or doing the dishes, make it fun for each other!

5. Make him laugh when stressed

“Laughter is the best medicine” is part of the theme song of WAP’s Papa Ajasco series.

Your spouse will always be happy to come home after a hectic day at work. It doesn’t matter how stressed he is or looks, ensure you find a way to chip in something silly that will cause him to laugh.

After the dose, he should feel less stressed.

More times than I can count, I usually totally forget that the day was even stressful when I stumble on something that makes me laugh.

Imbibe this culture into your marriage and I assure you that your marriage will even be more fun with stress out of the way.

6. Know when to apply a laugh break

No marriage is perfect unless you make it perfect. While working on perfection, tension might arise. I am not advocating for trivializing serious matters. Not at all. Don’t laugh it off!

Instead, use laughter to reduce the tension. Anytime an argument comes up and either of you senses a tension build-up from one person, the other person should call for an LB (laughter break – an inside slang).

If you can find a suitable LB, you will end up resolving issues faster.

7. Build inside slang and jokes

Have you ever been with a group of friends and someone said something that is so funny but only 2 or 3 of you understand it? I know you must have experienced this before. Lol.

It is usually funnier when others have no idea of the joke. Such a situation brings a sense of belonging and boosts social bonds. The same thing should apply to your marriage. Build inside jokes that only you and your partner know about.

It might not be funny to others but it should make both of you laugh. My in-law has a few names he calls my sister, they just look at each other and burst into laughter. Meanwhile, the name makes no sense to me.

There are many ways to build slang and inside jokes. It might be a reference to another joke, a past event you both know or something you guys created from scratch.

8. Watch comedy shows together

This is so important! What makes you laugh so hard might not make your partner laugh out loud but you can find a balance by watching shows that everybody generally considers funny.

Find and listen to comedians that you both like. One or more genres of comedy will appeal to both of you.

Once you discover what you both like, you can listen to it together in the car, on the bed, at home, or whenever you are together. When you have more time or a vacation, you could go to the show together. This will surely strengthen your bond.

One of the earliest memory I had with my spouse was the comment she made when Klint Da Drunk was cracking jokes on the TV. We still refer to the joke and laugh together.

9. Have a getaway together

My parents have been going on trips together, just the two of them. It is more frequent now that they are retired. Sometimes they go with a few friends but most of the time, it is just the two of them.

Guess what, they enjoy it. Every time they are back, there is always this resounding radiance with both of them. Have a getaway and alone with your partner. It will give you a chance to know yourselves more.

The more you know your partner, the better your chances of making him partner laugh.

10. Be creative

To bring laughter into your marriage is a daunting task on its own. The only thing harder is bringing more of it from your spouse who may not be naturally inclined to laugh.

You’ve got to be creative with how you make your spouse laugh. You might not even need to open your mouth or crack a joke before you make your partner smile.

Don’t be redundant with the jokes. Improve and learn new ones. Learn tricks that could make your spouse giggle. There are actions that will make your spouse laugh, take note of this and perform them.

As this becomes a part of you, making your partner laugh will be easier and more spontaneous.

11. Act silly once in a while

We are all weird in our own unique ways. Being 100% of the time will get you nowhere. You can loosen up a bit. In fact, when you are around your partner, you can loosen up all the way.

You will be surprised by what your spouse will find amusing about you. I know of a couple (in their seventies now) that make funny faces at each other just for the fun of it.

On the sixtieth birthday of the wife, she said she was the first to make the funny face at her husband.

The husband found it very funny. I later learned that the husband could do it better in a very silly way. Winks, tongue outs and a lot more facial expression can be used for a start.

12. Pull each other’s leg

I learned this word from my spouse. There is a thin line between kind and unkind pulling of the leg. As you do it more, you will learn the difference.

I will strongly recommend you are kind when you tease. Everyone likes a nice and sweet tease. It reduces the chances of boredom and will spice up your marriage.

A good tease will leave your spouse laughing. On the other side, allow yourself to be teased too. You will enjoy it too. It goes both ways.

13. Surprise! Surprise!

One of the ways to keep your marriage lively and happy is to surprise your partner.

I mean actively surprising each other. Nothing excites humans like beautiful surprises. Partners that surprise each other laugh more and enjoy each other’s company more than partners that don’t surprise each other.

With surprises, you have something to look forward to every time you and your spouse are together. The surprise may not be something big, but the feeling will always leave you both smiling.

When the occasion presents itself for a surprise, I try to outdo my partner and I know this is mutual. Birthdays and anniversaries should not go without a surprise if you can afford it.

14. Chitchat about sports

Sport is a common ground where people loosen up themselves. If your spouse is a sports person, take advantage of this. Watch sports or go to sports events together.

Even if you are not a sports person yourself, you can develop an interest for the sake of your spouse. One sure thing is that you will have at least a reason to laugh at a sporting event. For every game, something hilarious must happen.

You might not even laugh because of the game itself, but events before or after the game can make you and your spouse laugh. A reference to this later can be soothing.

15. Read social media gossip together

The internet is flooded with memes, skits, gossip, and other hilarious contents. I can assure you that you both will find the topic that interests both of you and will make you laugh at the same time.

It might be the visual representation that will appeal to you while your partner will laugh because of the storyline.

16. Invite another couple

One of the ways we acquire behaviour is through people close to us. If you have a couple that laughs a lot as a friend, there is a higher inclination that your marriage will be full of laughter especially if you regard them as a model.

Invite them over for dinner to learn how they have so much laughter in their marriage. Create an avenue to study what makes their marriage so successful.

17. Go for a couples’ massage

Giggling and laughter come to my mind every time my partner and I go for a massage. Whenever you have the chance, have your pedicure together. You will find a funny moment in your time together at the spa.

I can assure you that it is worth it. Sometimes, our time at the spa might be ‘uneventful’, but on our way back home, we will find something funny about our time at the spa.

18. Remember your youthful days

One of the ways to keep laughter in your marriage is to remember what has made you both laugh in the past. As you remember, talk about it with your partner.

If you can recreate some of the moments, please do. Old habits hardly die.

It might just be another chance to introduce more laughter into your marriage. The thought of the silly events sometimes is enough to make both of you laugh.

19. Do what you could have done but didn’t do to make you laugh

As long as there is life, you can try again.

While there are things you have done that make you laugh when you remember them, there are things you could have done to make you laugh more that you didn’t do.

You should revisit these if you can. You can gain all the lost times and be happier.

20. Ticklish spots

The best for the last. I have met only one person who doesn’t have a ticklish spot. It might be hard to find but sure, most people have at least one. Find his sensitive spot.

You never can tell when knowing your partner’s ticklish point can come handy. Know multiple points because your spouse can get used to your tickling and the effect get watered down.

I can resist laughter if you try tickling anywhere on my trunk, but my spouse knows I can’t resist if she tickles my feet.


You can only make your spouse laugh more in your marriage when you both consciously work towards it.

If you don’t create an avenue to laugh together, bringing more laughter then might become less feasible.

However, I know you can achieve it by trying these tips. Good luck!

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