10 Emotional Support Phrases For Your Spouse


One of the major causes of divorce among couples is the lack of the use of emotional support phrases for one another.

You may think loving your spouse is enough to keep your marriage, but that’s not entirely true. Without showing support to your spouse, you will begin to feel distant from each other, leading to a lack of interest in the marriage.

Being supportive of your spouse is one of the most important things in marriage. It grows a strong bond between couples and makes you believe in each other.

Every married couple experiences some problems in marriage, but only those with an unbreakable bond with their spouse can go through the storms in marriage. The only way to build a marriage bond is to be supportive of each other.

You must show your significant other that you support them to make them feel good. To support your spouse, you don’t have to put yourself in a position where you are unhappy just so your spouse can feel good. Many couples do not understand what it means to be supportive. We will be looking at what it means to be a supportive partner.

The definition of what it means to be a supportive part of is ambiguous; it means a lot of things.

To be supportive means to be a stronghold that can be relied on and acts as a pillar to rise.

In marriage, it is a whole lot of work to act as a support to your spouse. Imagine being someone who takes on another’s problem as theirs and helps in solving that problem.

That is what being a pillar means someone who can be leaned on and help hold straight the one who leans. When two people with different backgrounds get married, they learn to accommodate each other’s excesses.

As a married couple, you and your spouse now have each other as a pillar. Having each other’s back and pulling one another is the definition of support.

Now that we are clear on what it means to be a supportive spouse, you should work on sustaining your relationship/ marriage by giving your support to your spouse and getting their support in return. There are lots of ways to show emotional support to your spouse. Using simple words can greatly help your companion, making them feel you are always there for them.

Here are some emotional support phrases that can symbolise your support and, when used, can strengthen the foundation of your marriage with your spouse.

1). That’s Great

Sometimes, all your spouse needs are just compliments to show that you approve of them. They are not at their low or something; all they want is for their effort to be seen by you and recognised.

This gives them a sense of acceptance and respect, which builds a solid marriage or relationship. Saying one or two sweet words to your partner indirectly tells them that you appreciate their effort and fully support their every action.

Think of a classroom setting. When you are continuously being told that you are doing great by a teacher, you unknowingly build a unique kind of connection to that particular teacher, and you strive to make sure not to disappoint them to win their approval.

That teacher’s consistent compliment indicates that he/she supports your path to success; the same goes for married couples.

Complimenting your partner by telling them they are doing great is a good way of showing your support.

2). Don’t worry; I’m here for you

These six-letter words can help your partner overcome the challenges they may be facing because they are assured that you support them, whether the result is bad or good.

‘Don’t worry; I’m here for you is a good way to tell your spouse you’re backing them up no matter what they go through in their life.

It may sound ordinary, but this word can elevate your partner’s mood. It can make them attached to you, creating a bond that can stand the test of time.

You do not have to tell your companion that you support them directly; that’s pretty much random, so why don’t you spice up your relationship or marriage with other words that mean more to you and your spouse?

3). I understand your decision

Everyone sees life differently and make a different life decision. Your spouse’s decision doesn’t align with your belief and should not make you stir up arguments in your home.

Do you want to let your spouse know that although your values may differ, you still support them? Use some emotional support phrases. There is a simple way to convey your feeling by telling them you understand their decision and are willing to respect it.

It is not easy to put someone else’s decision side by side with yours, not when these ideas contradict each other. Making your companion know that you are open-minded about their beliefs, even if it is not what you believe in, is a good way to say I support you. So, letting them know their place in your life means you consent to them.

4). I Believe In You

I believe in you is one of the emotional support phrases you should start using. Nothing is more special than being told that you are to be trusted.

Not everyone believes in their ability; most times, your spouse may face a problem in their workplace or with friends. A simple word of your faith in them is enough to lighten up their mood and give them hope.

Letting out your confidence in your spouse means that you support your spouse.

5). I’m proud of you

If your spouse is a great person, it is high time you let them know this. There is no need to hide from your partner the fact that they own a great personality. Telling them this will encourage them to be at their best. You do not have to wait for a good moment to make this known to them; every little effort they make should earn your acknowledgement.

Never let a day go by without bringing to the knowledge of your spouse how amazing they are you and how you are lucky to have them in your life because this little gesture is a way of saying you support and cherish them.

Please don’t feel that you do not have to tell your spouse how proud they make you; letting them know is equivalent to letting them know that no matter what situation they find themselves in, they will always have your full support.

6). I love You

After some years into marriage, your married life may become unexciting and boring to the extent that you begin to wonder if you made the right choice. Emotional support phrases can help rekindle the love. After some thinking, you discover that you made the right choice, but you still can’t fathom why you feel bored.

Your spouse feels the same way, and they feel your support for them dwindles as the day goes by. The word ‘I Love You is the right thing to say to remind them of your feelings for them. 

Saying ‘I love you’ to your partner carries much meaning. It shows that you still cherish them no matter their shortcomings. Doing this will make them reciprocate your love. They’ll also put in more effort to make the marriage lively because you have shown your support for the marriage.

7). You are right

Whenever your spouse proposes a brilliant idea, it is right that you tell them that their proposition is thoughtful.

Bringing to the notice of your spouse how accurate their judgment of a situation is, boosts their morale and confidence. It makes them able to speak in a public setting. They now know what they are capable of.

When you make your spouse know they possess a decision-making skill, they become bold when showcasing this skill. This may earn them a position in their workplace or environment.

Pointing out their strength is a good way of showing your support. What does it mean to support your partner? Telling them how brilliant their thought pattern shows them your support.

You don’t have to exaggerate matters just so your partner can feel happy; you have to be extremely honest with them and tell them how right they are. Letting them see their shortcomings means you love and support them, for you want them to become a better person. So when pointing out their strength, do well to point out their wrongdoings, for it is a way to show your support.

8). What Are Your Thoughts On This

Seeking your spouse’s opinion on things relating or not relating to your marriage is a sign that you believe your partner can make good decisions.

Acknowledging people’s decision-making skills and seeking their advice indirectly tells them they are intelligent. This boosts their self-esteem when your partner is confident about themselves and realises that you have a hand in their newfound courage, their trust in you multiplies.

The point here is, considering their opinion on matters is a way of showing your support for their decision. So knowingly or unknowingly, you have just added a layer of trust to your marriage or relationship.

9). Let’s Do It Together

Proposing to work on something together with your spouse means you support your partner. There are a lot of benefits to gain when working with your companion.

You learn more about your partner, and gaining more knowledge of your spouse’s behaviour is a good way to spice up your marriage/relationship.

When you want to work with your spouse, it should not be about a work project or business-related things. If your spouse is having a hard time learning how to prepare a dish or do the laundry, it is right that you offer a helping hand to teach them the way; this goes a long way to show your support. Because m

10). You Are Wonderful

Your spouse needs words of encouragement from time to time. They want to know that you are in support of them and that you admire them. Of all the words listed above, telling your spouse, they are wonderful and unique gives them a special feeling.

There was a time my mum came back from work grinning from ear to ear. She was particularly excited that day, and I had to ask why.

Turns out my dad had complimented her. He said to her, ‘You are a wonderful wife and mother’. According to her, my dad made her feel like her efforts in keeping their marriage were acknowledged. She would always have his full support.

That was the first time I saw my mum smile so wildly. So, confessing to your partner that they are wonderful is a remarkable way of expressing your support.  


In marriage, many challenges find their way to your home, causing misunderstandings between you and your spouse. When unresolved, this misunderstanding can lead to major events like divorce.

There must be enough use of emotional support phrases to keep the sparks in marriage alive.

Saying the words listed above is a good way of getting the support of your companion. Since they feel you support them, they reciprocate your gestures.

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