Top 99 Marriage Problems And Solutions


Top 99 Marriage Problems And Solutions

There are many marriage problems today because couples have refused to admit that they have some personal issues that need to be worked on.

The problem on the part of the husband or the wife merge together and begin to form a frictional expression after a few years into the journey.

At this point, it is pertinent to find solutions before problems get out of hand which is why you’re here.

Most importantly, you need to sort this out before the kids begin to exhibit the same characteristics in their personal and relationship life.

So, what are the common problems that exist in homes and how best can you alleviate or completely eliminate them with proven long-lasting solutions?

The truth is until the appropriate solution is applied to specific problems, issues will keep reoccurring and your love for each other will continue to wane.

I am sure you don’t want to give up on your marriage just yet.

You still believe something can be done. Yes, you can still have many years together and have your spouse laugh and giggle with happiness.

Here are some common marriage problems and solutions that can be applied to them. 

Top 99 marriage problems and solutions

Top 99 marriage problems and solutions

1. Interference from external parties

This might be interference from friends, In-laws, bosses and neighbours who take your side to show how loyal they are to you and give you more reason to hate your marriage.

Don’t fall for it. Know when and how to protect your home from third party interference in marriage.

Make decisions and keep your quarrels to yourself except it is so complicated that you need to see a counsellor – the professional person for the job.

2. Personal insecurity 

If he/she is always discouraging you from going for your personal goals, dreams and missions, he/she might be insecure.

Sometimes, it’s a lack of belief. Other times, the goal might make you so successful, and he/she might not want to see you go that far.

It’s important you ask yourself certain questions while dating.

Ask if he/she would allow you to take certain steps and see how it goes down. Knowing this will give you an idea of whether you will already take some steps before getting married.

Talk often about your goals and reassure him/her to see it the way you do.

3. Inability to communicate opinions effectively without hurting your spouse

There’s a need for good communication skills in marriage. Without learning how to communicate respectfully, you will end up complicating issues in a bid to solve the problem.

The solution is to ensure you take your time to construct what you want to say without letting your spouse feel bad or worse.

It could start with an appreciation, then the main situation, and then end it with another appreciation.

4. Absence of sexual intimacy

Sex brings a couple together with a kind of warmness and fondness. It’s like the icing on the cake.

As much as you can, do not deprive yourself of this gift of marriage except it is a joint decision to do without sex for a while such as health issues, childbirth complications, medical advice etc. 

5. Inability to meet the family needs

Marriage comes with a lot of financial obligations and when you’re not able to meet up, conflicts and dissatisfaction begin to sprout from either of you.

If you can be smart with money in your 20s, your chances of being financially stable in the future are higher.  

Ensure you both have a level of financial stability before walking into marriage.

6. Distractions that eat up family time

When a spouse is carried away by so many activities or the extreme need to make so much money, the other spouse might begin to feel abandoned and unloved.

Guard against this by limiting outings and other distractions that you won’t be able to do together.

7. Lack of respect from each other

All humans deserve some respect. We all want to be heard and not shut down like we don’t matter. People seem to underestimate the importance of respect for others.

Always ensure you treat your spouse right and give him/her the confidence to express himself and herself.

8. Lack of appreciation

Heart-to-heart talks should never be a thing of the past.

These powerful enticing words have successfully sparked up your love for each other when you started the journey.

Keep teasing him/her the way you did before you won his/her heart. It’s very important.

9. Unwillingness to support the choice of your spouse

Sometimes, your spouse interest may differ from yours and love requires that you use words that show you support each other.

When a lack of support happens repeatedly, love begins to wane. You can avoid this problem by becoming willing to support your spouse as long as it isn’t a bad choice.

Give her/him the choice to do what makes her/him happy.

10. Making the minor the major

Some little things shouldn’t make you forget the major things.

If she/he is sweet, kind, loving, supportive, humorous and hardworking, her/his habit of leaving the cup in the wrong place shouldn’t make you suddenly forget how good she/he has been.

Common, don’t focus too much on that.

11. Lack of friendship and cooperation

Top 100 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Top 100 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Whatever brought both of you together as friends and what you did to make your spouse laugh at the beginning of your marriage should be maintained.

Don’t let the numerous responsibilities of marriage take that away.

Crack those jokes and throw those pillows!

12. Inability to work on yourself as a person

One source of marriage problems is when either or both parties are unwilling to work on themselves.

When you’re the only one trying to be a better person, it might look like nothing is working.

However, when the two of you are naturally teachable, admit mistakes and ready to listen to each other, then both of you will keep getting better by the day. 

13. Infidelity

Premarital and extramarital affairs could crumble a union as it leads to distrust and lack of love.

If you have once cheated on your partner, it might be hard for her or him to totally believe you in certain circumstances.

To grow your love back and avoid fights based on past actions, you will need to be as open and plain as possible, even to the tiniest details and movements.

You also need to know how to avoid extramarital affairs as much as possible.

14. Inability to manage stress

Sometimes, life can get so stressful that every other thing wouldn’t make much sense.

At that point, it’s better to ask for some space or a resting time instead of letting the stress out in an aggressive manner to everyone around you including your spouse.

It is necessary to decipher moments like this and manage the situation rather than escalate the issue.

15. Anger management issues

If you are someone who gets angry easily, you might need to take an anger management course or routine therapy before walking into marriage because marriage will test your strengths and weaknesses.

There are several creative ways to manage anger but they will only work when you are deliberate about it. Work on it day in day out!

You don’t want to destroy your marriage with your anger. Sometimes, you just need to let go, take a walk, or read the highly reverenced Scriptures – 1st Corinthians chapter 13.

16. Making the major the minor

Top 100 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Top 100 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Some character defects needed to have been straightened out from the start of your relationship but you ignored it and felt he or she will change over time.

However, the situation got out of hand.

I think you would need to sit down with him/her and talk about it. If that doesn’t work, you could see a counsellor or someone he/she respects a lot to help you both.

17. Lack of trust based on imaginary or concrete evidence

Top 99 Marriage Problems And Solutions

If you never trusted your spouse before marriage, it might be tough to gain their trust back in marriage.

Whatever is the reason for doubt, ensure you clear it. Discuss it and be comfortable with it before you enter tie the knot.

18. Taking the sides of an external person

This is quite similar to the previously discussed “external interference”.

However, this is done in the presence of someone else who is indifferent or against your spouse.

This is one of the most heartbreaking scenarios in marriages. Deal with your problems yourself without making it a scene.

19. Indifference

This happens when you don’t give attention to what matters to the other person.

This can be curbed when you develop a compassionate listening ear and give the same preference to the situation.

When couples act like they don’t care about the choice of the other person, it makes the journey of love boring and individualistic. Know what matters to both of you.

20. Physical body changes

Top 99 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Top 99 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Due to childbirth, unforeseen health conditions or ageing, human physique might change over time.

Therefore, you should ensure that your sole aim of walking into that marriage is not because of the curves or macho nature of your spouse.

Make sure there is something more that excites you about him/her like his /her character or how he/she relates to others.

And when the body changes, help each other to achieve the fitness goals. Hit the gym together and remind each other to curb unhealthy diets.

21. A change in other things that turn you on

Soft skills and innate abilities are awesome but let me ask you.

What if these things change?

Before you walk into a marriage, you both put up your perfect sides but with the passing of years, you get more natural and casual. Then, flaws and imperfections begin to show up.

If it’s one of the character flaws that can ruin relationships, it’s better to talk about it together.

After doing this, you should ensure you stay in love even when what sweeps you off your feet begins to wane in your spouse.

Things like fluency and humour may fade but remember what you signed up for – for better, for worse.

22. The sudden revelation of hideous character/the past

Top 100 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Sometimes, people walk into marriage without looking like their true reflection in the first few years.

A sudden realization of the true character or something you thought had stayed in the past may begin to make you feel angry or irritated about your spouse.

At this point, you need to communicate about it effectively.

Hey, there’s a lot of communication to do in marriage than pleasure. You just have to be open about it amicably in order to resolve future conflicts.

23. High expectation 

Too much make-believe love movies might make you think marriage is so perfect and sweet. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

It could also entail arguments, slamming doors, walking out of each other, ending the conversation abruptly!

However, these hitches shouldn’t be as many as the times you were both in good terms. In fact, they are expected to only happen once in a while. Maybe once in a year and then the frequency should continue to reduce as you spend more years together and know more about each other.

These situations should never be regular in any home. To manage this, you have to see your spouse as a mere human being who is flawed and may not meet up to some expectations.

Unforgiveness comes with its disadvantages. Be ready to forgive each other and don’t let the disagreement linger for more than a day. Every marriage has its fair share of glitch no matter how romantic the family picture looks.

If it doesn’t get better with time, please see a professional counsellor together.

24. Excessive nagging

Are you a nagging wife or husband? If you complain too much about something, you might have turned nagging to a habit.

The best alternative will be to fix it yourself if your spouse is not ready to fix things instead of talking about it over and over again. There are a number of ways to stop nagging and get what you want.

Sometimes, when I really desire things to be done or bought and hubby gives excuses or tells me it’s not necessary, I just go ahead to buy it. Sooner or later, he will come to realize it is a good decision.

Sometimes, indecision from the part of a partner could be linked to the inability to meet up at that time. You could step in and that will be a relief to him/her.

25. Giving up too early

Marriage is like a goal you need to keep working on to be successful at. Don’t be a spouse who goes into a marriage, sees a problem and runs to the exit to quit as soon as possible.

Why not find a solution first. Kudos to you for coming here.

You could also try seeing a counsellor, listen to tapes/youtube videos of people that have been in your shoes, read books that relate to the problem or any other solution you can get. Then, fix it.

If everyone had to run at the sight of problems, nobody would stay married today.

26. Crushing on someone else

Haha, this is for the discontented spouse. You have your supportive husband, yet you keep eyeing the tall, dark and handsome guy in the next street.

Your wife is beautiful and caring, yet you keep crushing on a fairer lady at work. You don’t know what you’re playing with.

You’re calling for the destruction of your home. This is the fastest way to pull down your home with your hands.

Common, be disciplined and stop crushing on someone else after marriage. It is dangerous!

27. Losing touch with one another for a long time

Top 100 Marriage Problems And Solutions

While it is important to keep jobs or whatever is calling for your attention, please don’t let your marriage suffer for it.

If it’s a short-term separation, that’s fine, however, when it’s beginning to turn into several months and then years without your spouse, you might begin to feel lonely and become vulnerable to temptations.

Always ensure you don’t leave your home divided for too long especially when your marriage is still young. You need a solid plan before embarking on such separations. And after you do, you need to always keep in touch and reassure yourselves of your love for each other.

28. Testing your partner absurdly

I have read of many ways to have fun with your spouse by testing him/her. Please, it is important to know the kind of person you married before thinking about such ideas.

I, as a person, do not like surprises especially if I won’t know your whereabouts for some hours. Some surprises are better planned by friends of the couple or companies offering such services without creating rooms for doubts.

Please, don’t get me wrong. Surprises are what makes some people scream happily, but it could be a turn off for others when it is very unusual.

Know what works for your marriage/spouse and stop comparing what works somewhere else with yours.

29. Spontaneity

Some people can do anything for the sake of money or goals.

They could leave their families without a backup plan, break communication, work 7 days a week without coming home or sell off their properties to invest in shady businesses.

Please, whatever you are doing for the sake of money, make sure you think it through. If your decisions will make your family worse off, it wouldn’t be fair and could crash the union.

Think through big decisions and ensure you get the support of your spouse and, if possible, children.

30. Perfectionism

Oh, I am perfect; No, he can’t do that; yes, she is the best thing in the world.

These phrases are awesome, but they are not realistic in the entire journey of marriage.

Even when you were with your parents, you had misunderstandings with them and, sometimes, you don’t understand why they made certain decisions at your detriment.

This didn’t make you hate or leave them.

Likewise, a temporary situation doesn’t have to mean the end of the relationship. You’ll only learn to get over it. The truth is nobody is perfect. We can only continue to work on each other until death.

The journey to seeing what you desire in your life and your spouse’s is a slow and rewarding process. When you see tougher situations in other marriages, you’ll be grateful yours isn’t as bad.

31. Keeping secrets from your spouse

Hey, why would you do that! If you have a fantastic reason that will be revealed later and benefit you both, it’s fine.

However, if it is due to selfishness, personal gains or unpredictable outcomes, I think it’s best to be open to your husband or wife.

It could save either of you from impending danger. I remember how I almost got kidnapped and what saved me was the fact that I had called my husband that I will be going there.

He got information about the place from someone else and discovered it was a trap. If I was too secretive with my movements, I might have been a victim of kidnap.

Open up to each other more. You both are now one, no longer two.

32. Lack of magic words

Top 100 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Toddlers still sing these magic words as rhymes and I cannot deny the fact that these words are truly magical.

Don’t let overfamiliarity with your spouse let you use these words less.

Please, excuse me, sorry, thank you, pardon me are five magic words that can make your marriage better and more adorable.

33. Assumptions

Instead of making some assumptions, why not ask your spouse why she acted in a certain way.

I have come to realize that some actions, though seeming stringent, may be borne out of love.

Knowing the motive and rationale behind some situations will help you to understand your spouse better if he/she is not lying about it.

34. Lies and Dishonesty

When Spouses fail to be truthful to each other,  it can erode the trust they have in each other. See 10 importance of honesty in a relationship.

Fidelity becomes a problem and friendship which forms the basis of any successful marriage is undermined.

Solution: Honesty – even in little things – is truly the best policy in marriage. Tell your partner the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.

35. Bottling up resentments

Two imperfect humans living together are bound to hurt each other – intentionally/unintentionally.

Bottling up resentments isn’t the way to go. When you bottle up your grievances, firstly, the other person might not have any idea what he or she is doing to hurt you.

Next, the problem has a very low chance of being resolved and may reoccur. Finally, feelings of resentment wear down the affection you feel for your partner.

You might find yourself picking faults, being irritable or throwing temper tantrums on minor issues.

Solution: Address issues in a mature, compassionate way when you feel hurt. Talk openly and honestly about your feelings. Forgive easily too – for your mental state and for your marriage.

36. Change of agreed plan

A change in a family plan may be due to unforeseen circumstance but not everyone can take it lightly. Nobody likes unpleasant surprises.

What to do: Keep swift unprepared changes to the barest minimum if your partner doesn’t fancy them.

Let your spouse know about the change from you – not someone else.

37 Keeping Secrets about money

Keeping secrets of any form is not healthy – especially when it is about money. This goes back to being truthful with your partner.

If you keep secrets about money and your partner finds out, it’s going to be trouble – believe me.

What to do: Be honest and completely open about every aspect of your finances – your income, assets, liabilities, debts etc – to each other.

38. Immaturity

Maturity really comes handy in marriage. Immaturity makes even the pettiest disagreements escalate into full-blown arguments.

It makes spouses constantly find faults in each other instead of overlooking them in love. Problems in marriage become insurmountable challenges because of immaturity.

Solutions: Demonstrate acts of maturity towards your partner. Overlook little things, talk about issues rather than giving your partner the silent treatment.

Say sorry – whether you’re at your fault or not. Be kind – even when you feel your partner does not deserve it, he/she will come to realize how much of a special gift you are soon. Choose to believe the best about your partner.

39. Playing the Blame Game

Not accepting responsibility for your fault and shifting the blame on your partner is a no-no.

Blaming your partner (if he or she is at fault) so much that you ignore the real problem is also not the way to go.

What to do: View you and your partner as a team. View the problem as exactly what it is – the problem and work together to resolve it.

Be forgiving. Your partner feels bad already by causing a problem, there’s no need to pile up more guilt.

40. Too busy schedules

Not making out adequate time to be together and hang out can cause both of you to drift apart.

Time flies and you might suddenly wake up one morning and realize that you don’t know your interests or who your spouse had become.

Solution: If you both have a hectic schedule, be intentional about being together.

Fix regular date nights, attend functions together. Put your phone away, switch the TV off and create time to just talk and catch up on each other’s lives.

41. Unhealthy Comparisons

Comparing your marriage with another couple’s or your spouse with another person is just going to generate unnecessary dissatisfaction that will take you nowhere but disagreements.

What to do:

Understand that every marriage is unique and has its own peculiarities. Be ready to do whatever it takes to make yours successful.

Every individual is also on a personal journey and comparisons are not just baseless but also unfair.

Help your partner become the best version of himself/herself. You can observe and learn from other successful couples but do not go on telling your spouse how bad they are compared to your next-door neighbour.

It’s not a good way to resolve issues. Just keep encouraging him/her.

42. Selfishness

Marriage is a union and a building a successful union entails selflessness at one point or the other.

When you or your spouse becomes consumed with these three words; ‘ me, mine and I’, there’s bound to be problems.

What to do: Think of your marriage in terms of ‘us’. Constantly go the extra mile to meet your spouse’s needs, even if it’s not convenient.

Be supportive and understanding with your partner.

43. Hateful Words

Top 100 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Top 100 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Words are powerful. The marks they leave are very hard to erase.

Words said in the heat of anger and frustration can leave scars that last for years.

What to do: Be honest but also be compassionate while trashing issues out with your partner.

Listen to understand and not to respond immediately especially if you’re both angry. Avoid phrases like ‘ You always…’, ‘You never…’.

Don’t say things out of how you feel at the moment, say them out of what you know or better still, keep your comments till you’re both able to reason them out amicably.

44. Relying on your spouse for your happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. It shouldn’t be determined by situations or people or even your spouse.

You should be happy because you choose to be. Relying on your spouse for your happiness is a burden that they’ll most likely not be able to bear.

What to do: Strive to live a happy, fulfilling life outside your marriage. Do things that make you happy – together or alone.

Adopt positivity even in negative situations. Remember that you can only have a happy marriage if you as an individual are happy. Do what makes you happy as a person and watch the happiness spread into your home.

45. Excessive Frugality

Spending wisely is a great thing to do but when it becomes excessive, it can lead to resentment.

What to do: Spend with a budget as a guide but set aside some amount of money for you to ‘play hard’ as a couple.

46. Public Disagreements

When you have a fight in public with your spouse, it can be embarrassing.

Plus, you both lose respect as a couple in front of your friends and family who witnessed your fight. It can also lead to a third party meddling into your affairs.

What to do: Make a pledge not to air your dirty laundry in public with your spouse.

Wait till you’re in private to trash issues out. Don’t talk about your partner in a demeaning manner with someone else. Show others that you respect each other.

47. Listening to respond instead of looking out to understand

Do you really listen to your partner? Beyond the words and the situation at hand, do you strive to accept and regard their feelings?

And do you look out for the things they left unsaid? Not listening patiently can create a communication gap between the two of you that widens with every conversation or fight.

What to do: Listen, listen and listen again. Listen more than you talk. Do it well too.

Don’t listen to strike back at your spouse. Listen so you know what you’re both dealing with. Listen to understand his/her perspective and viewpoint.

48. Thinking love is enough

Love is certainly important but it isn’t enough to build a happy marriage.

What happens when you don’t feel the love you’ve always had towards your partner? That’s where other things come in.

What to do: Commitment is stronger than love. Be committed to your partner in words and acts. The vows you made to each other says a lot about commitment.

Have each other’s back even when you no longer feel the need to hold hands while walking together.

49. Personal Weaknesses

Nobody is perfect but glaring personal weaknesses, if not dealt with, can serve as roadblocks to the success of your marriage.

Character traits such as dishonesty, laziness, uncontrollable anger, inability to keep secrets, etc can be detrimental to a marriage.

What to do: Accept your weaknesses, seek ways to improve consciously and become a better version of yourself.

50. Constantly Giving up on your desires and happiness

As much as marriage is a union that requires selflessness, it also entails mutuality.

When you constantly give up your desires and happiness for the sake of your spouse without him/her doing it in return, you’ll feel cheated and unfulfilled.

What to do: Talk honestly about what both of you want from your marriage. Support, companionship, love, work-life balance, financial backup?

Then, strive to give it to each other – in every way possible.

51. Taking each other for granted

When friends take each other for granted it puts a strain on their relationship. Imagine this happening frequently in marriage, it is not a good sight to behold.

Both partners will eventually feel unappreciated and unloved.

What to do: Constantly appreciate your partner for whatever they do for you, never feel entitled to it.

52. The stress of taking care of the children

Children are one of the many things that can put a strain on your marriage. Kids – and the responsibility that comes with them – can be a handful.

If one person (usually the mother) shoulders most of the responsibility, it can become a stumbling block that can prevent her from growing or adding value to herself.

Solution: Make parenting a joint effort. Make no parenting task peculiar to one person – do it together. And remember to regularly take breathing space away from your kids.

Leave them with a trusted sitter and go out together to catch up. It’ll help your parenting and marriage.

53. Misinterpreted texts

Texting is not the place to have important discussions, because harmless texts can be misconstrued and misinterpreted to mean something they don’t mean.

What to do: When you text, use emojis to add a level of emotions to your conversation. Don’t forget to call her/him or have face to face conversations too especially for serious matters.

54. Addictions

Addictions are unhealthy, for an individual or a relationship.

What to do: If you or your spouse have an addiction, seek professional help.

55. Inability to make a strong decision

When couples can’t reach an agreement, in major decisions and little ones, problems may arise.

What to do: If you have trouble reaching an agreement with your spouse all the time, check the following things; your methods of communication (perhaps you should listen and seek to understand or view things from the other person’s perspective), the consequences of all the options available and what will be best for your marriage.

56. Fanning the flames of past relationships

This can inadvertently lead to infidelity – one of the leading causes of divorce.

What to do: Keep ex-lovers or past partners at arm’s length once you’re married.

57. Lack of mentorship/counselling before Marriage

If you’re not given sound advice before you say I do, you might susceptible to pitfalls in marriage.

Good Premarital counselling helps you get prepared for the real deal. Well, if you skipped that, read the solution below.

What to do: Better late than never! Get yourselves registered with a Godly marriage counsellor to help you. Don’t just listen to the pieces of advice, act them out too.

58. Bad Influence

Taking advice from the wrong sources or allowing a negative external influence to have an unhealthy hold on your marriage will surely cause problems.

What to do: Be careful who you take advice about your marriage from. Seek counsel from God’s word or any teaching based on it.

59. Leaving out God

God is the author of marriage, he should be the principal advise giver, shouldn’t he?

What to do: Pray together – a family or couple that prays together stays together.

Seek the face of God while making important decisions or navigating life’s situations together. And remember that the Bible is the best manual on marriage.

60. Emphasizing Problems rather than Solutions

Negativity will do your marriage no good. Problems get bigger the more you focus on them.

What to do: Embrace positivity. Seek solutions rather than focusing on problems.

61. Not Being Supportive of your Spouse in hard times

This is a major marriage deal-breaker. Marriage is all about mutual support of each other in difficult times. Not doing this can make the other person feeling weak, unloved and hurt.

What to do: Be supportive of each other not only during tough times but all through.

62. Planning Family things Separately

This speaks of a lack of unity even in things concerning your family. If this is a regular occurrence in your family, treat it as a Problem.

What to do: Take out time to plan family events together ( such as birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones) together.

63. Competing with each other

Marriage is not a competition. Supporting is the word not competing. When you are all about doing better than your spouse, you’re heading to marriage problems

What to do: View your marriage as what it is – a union not a competition. Don’t be envious when your partner succeeds more than you do – your partner’s success is yours too.

64. Letting go of things that sparked your love in the first place

This can quickly let your romance fizzle out. And what’s a happy marriage without a bit of romance?

What to do: Romance is an important – exciting – part of marriage. Don’t let it go cold in yours. Give each other gifts, exchange sweet texts and all.

65. Lack of Tolerance

Your partner definitely has weaknesses because he or she is an imperfect human – which you are too. Getting aggrieved at little things and constantly nagging your partner to change will take you nowhere.

What to do: Make room for tolerance, in little things, in big things…it isn’t all that hard when you consciously work on it.

66. Letting Traumatic Situations overwhelm you

Every marriage goes through really rough spots. It can be anything from the loss of a child or loved one, to financial let downs.

What to do: When things like the above arise, make a conscious effort not to let it overwhelm you. Seek lots of help when needed.

67. Social media Distractions

Excessive use of social media – especially during “family time” – can lead to communication problems in marriage.

What to do: Several times, when you’re with your spouse, drop the phone and just talk.

68. Lack of attention

Not giving your spouse or your marriage itself enough attention can make your spouse feel neglected or unloved which can certainly cause hiccups in your marriage.

What to do: Carve out time in your schedule to regularly spend quality time with your spouse.

69. Irresponsibility

Husbands and wives alike ought to feel a responsibility towards the family they’ve created and to the success of their marriage. When this isn’t the case, the non-committal attitude of either one can lead to instability of the union and other marriage problems.

70. Incompatibility issues

Being the yang of your partner’s ying helps to make your marriage and easy ride. If this isn’t the case, then you and your partner probably have compatibility issues.

71. Culture Shock

Marrying someone from another culture or part of the world can be really tricky. The difference in lifestyles, beliefs about certain things can really add to the strain.

72. Trivializing issues

When a spouse constantly makes really important issues seem trivial, it will lead to two things – problems and feelings of frustration by the other person.

73. Fighting over the same issue

Recurring disagreements over the same issue between spouses means there’s a big hitch – usually one of a lack of understanding.

74. Pride

With pride comes a fall – in marriage too. Humility towards each other is a key proponent of a successful marriage.

75. Destructive Lifestyles

Overspending, addictions of any sort, Promiscuity and the likes are destructive and will certainly put your marriage in harm’s way.

76. Overwhelming Chores

Top 99 Marriage Problems And Solutions

Domestic chores and tasks around the house can be tiring usually if they’re daunting. This can cause resentment on the part of, usually the wife because she feels overworked and also unappreciated.

What to do: Invest in full or part-time domestic help. Husbands, constantly appreciate wives for a job well-done around the house.

77. Marriage based on Conditions

The “ifs” guiding a marriage should be love, understanding and commitment. Anything asides those are a marriage based on Conditions that will lead to failure.

78. Disobedience to God’s word

God’s word is the ultimate manual to all kinds of relationship – friendship, business partnership and even marriage. Disobedience to God’s word can cause upheavals in marriage.

79. Being overly defensive

When your spouse points out your faults to you, what’s your reaction? Do you throw a fit and try to shift the blame or make excuses for your behaviour?

Or do you accept the truth when it is spoken in love? Being overly defensive can show a lack of openness and humility that will cause marriage problems.

80. Lack of interest

Marriage needs work and effort. Happy and cheerful work and effort. If you’re not interested in the success of your marriage, you’ll find it difficult to put in the work and effort, wouldn’t you?

81. When the two of you don’t put in the same efforts

This is related to the point above. Marriage requires happy and mutual effort on both sides. When this doesn’t happen, a partner gets tired of putting in all the work and resentment grows.

82. Too sexually active

Too much sexual activity which is relative to the needs and perspectives of the parties involved can cause rifts. Discuss how to manage your extremes and find a midpoint of agreement.

83. Not learning from other established marriages

Established marriages are great places to learn practical hints and tips on getting the hang of marriage. Failure to learn from them or take their good advice can lead to problems.

84. Lack of forgiveness

Your partner is not perfect. Neither are you. When you step on each other’s toes, bottling up resentments and keeping grudges is not the way to go or you’ll have big marriage problems. Learn to forgive and let things go – a lot!

85. Unprepared early marriage

A marriage that is jumped into without adequate preparation is bound to have a lot of problems. It’s just like going on a journey without adequate tools for the road.

86. Misunderstanding the purpose of marriage

There are a whole lot of wrong beliefs about the purpose of marriage – that marriage brings automatic happiness/fulfilment etc. Going into marriage with this mindset – the wrong mindset – will certainly cause marriage problems.

87. Less use of ” I love you”

Not constantly affirming your love for your spouse can make your them feel unwanted, unloved or make them doubt your feelings for them which can make the romance fizzle out quickly in your marriage.

88. Trying to settle in the heat of situations

This can lead to both of you saying things you’ll regret or making bad decisions all around.

What to do: Wait till the heat dies down and have a civil conversation about it. You’ll be glad you did and you will be able to avoid many marriage problems.

89. Making quick, unchecked decisions

This can later lead to regret and recurring marriage problems or constant arguments if it happens regularly.

90. Unclear home or financial responsibilities

This can put a strain on your marriage, to say the least. When each person doesn’t know what is expected of him or her in terms of financial and home responsibilities there’s bound to be friction.

91. Being partial about parental care

Children ought to be a joint responsibility of both husbands and wives. If in reality, they aren’t, it’s going to cause resentment from the party that is more responsible for them.

92. Being rigid to the solution of your spouse

Being a know-it-all in marriage is a no-no. When you’re not open to the suggestions of your spouse about solving marriage problems – the problems might just become bigger.

93. Not keeping promises

This shows a lack of integrity to your word and of commitment to your spouse. Not keeping your promises can quickly erode the trust your partner has in you.

94. Not updating each other on your whereabouts

This puts your integrity and safety in question. Always let your partner know where you are at every significant point in time.

95. Digging up old wounds

This will only drag your marriage back to past arguments and hurts which are better left unopened. Forgive and strive to forget too.

96. Hurtful words

Words are powerful. They have the power to do harm as well as good in your marriage. If you affirm and support your partner through your words, you’ll see positive results. If you speak to them harshly and cruelly especially in the heat of anger, the results are sure to negative.

What to do: Follow these codes when speaking with your partner – affirmation, encouragement and love.

97. Going Physical

Turning your marriage or home to a boxing ring can leave physical and emotional marriage problems and scars that last for years.

What to do: Make a vow together never to get physical during arguments – and keep it.

98. Spiritual Lukewarmness

Being a Christian that is influenced by moods and feelings in worshipping God will do no good, not only for your marriage but for other aspects of your life as well.

What to do: Stay committed to God and reap the rewards bountifully – in all areas of your life.

99. Enforcing change

Being the lion of your kingdom where others are cubs won’t help matters. Communicate effectively with love as adults and encourage each other to change certain things or lifestyle would do a lot.


Marriage can be an incredible source of companionship, love and friendship. It offers wonderful benefits for life satisfaction, fulfilment and overall wellbeing of an individual. But no marriage comes without its own peculiar challenges.

Every marriage has to go through bumps on the road and these problems can put a strain on the couple and cause an eventual breakup if not handled in the right way.

So, there you have it, folks. Marriage problems and practical insights in resolving them. It sure takes a lot of conscious efforts but the rewards are worth it.

I’m sure you’ve identified one or two hitches you’d like to smoothen in your own marriage. Pray to God for guidance, apply the solutions above, seek help and stay consistent. Your marriage is bound to be a success.

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