15 Incredible Importance Of Respect For Others


10 Incredible Importance Of Respect For Others

“Okay, Google”  “can you please show me a toy fire truck”, says my six-year-old nephew to google assistant.

Even though no one taught him to regard Google Assistant, it has become a part of him to show respect to all. This politeness might not seem big at first but I am sure it will melt a hardened heart.

One of the oldest lessons we learn in life is respecting others. You are taught by your parents, siblings, teachers and religious leaders. Any other person you can think of in our society also encourages it.

This dogma has been deep-seated in us that we habitually dislike someone who is not respectful.

There are numerous ways to show respect. Although there is no one-size-fits-all, the easiest way to go about it is through speech. It can also be expressed through your actions.

I haven’t seen a tribe or a sect that does not promote respect for others. Though the approach and intensity might vary across the world, fact remains that, it is done everywhere. Everyone wants respect.

Organizations and institutions add mutual respect as part of their organizational culture and value.

The keyword in the definition of ‘respect’ according to Google’s English dictionary (provided by Oxford Language) is ‘admiration’ and ‘due regards’.

It simply means esteem, high regard, high opinion, acclaim, reverence, deference, admiration, appreciation, recognition, veneration, awe, honour, approbation, approval, praise, and homage.

Any of these words can be used interchangeably with respect.

Allow me to take you on a short journey on the importance of respect.

1. Reciprocation

“Respect is reciprocal” is a very common saying. It simply means that you get the same respect as you give out.

Think of it this way, the output (other people’s respect for you) you get is directly proportional to your input (respect for others). It very simple, if you respect others, you will be respected.

Let’s assume you know somebody who doesn’t regard anybody. He is rude, crude, abusive, not well mannered, and doesn’t know how to deal with anger. The same person does not appreciate his subordinates and doesn’t speak well of his family. 

One striking thing you will notice is that no one will respect him. In fact, he most likely would be despised.

Everyone will turn their nose up at him and steer clear of him. On the other hand, if you know someone who respects all and sundry, you will naturally respect him.

2. It is a way of showing gratitude

Showing appreciation of kindness is impossible without reverence. Reverence is synonymous to respect. The fact is you cannot appreciate someone or something you do not hold in high esteem.

It is the only way to appreciate things. Showing gratitude is a tenet in most religions.

You cannot truly appreciate God if you do not respect Him. Being respectful shows you are grateful.

3. It multiplies

One thing being respectful does is that it multiplies. If you have a neutral group, once someone kicks off with communicating with others respectfully, others would soon follow. It will then multiply to all in that group.

It will also bleed out to people outside of the group. When the seed of respect you plant germinates, you will be surprised at how big the tree will be. The only thing that will surprise you more is the fruits.

4. It builds trust

When respect is lost, trust is lost. The bridge to gaining the trust of others is built by respect. Trust is a valuable commodity.

Since showing respect to others show that you value them, it automatically builds up their trust.

The trust will grow both ways and not only will they trust you, but you will also begin to trust them. Trust built on respect will open doors you cannot even imagine.

5. It is essential for love

Love is the foundation of so many things – friendship, marriage, family etc. One thing you would find in these is respect – mutual respect.

There is no love without respect. A friend of mine said, “Love is a commitment of mutual respect”. You and I both know that any institution not set up on mutual respect will inevitably collapse.

People you respect will not only respect you back, but they will also love you. In reality, your respect for others will be the foundation of their love for you.

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6. It makes you more accommodating

Respecting others makes you fit into their needs easily. This makes you less pejorative.

Respectful individuals do not stick to their preconceived thoughts, jump into conclusions, or impose their thoughts on others.

You wouldn’t judge people without hearing them out first. But that doesn’t mean you take everything with levity. Far from it!

It just makes you more comfortable about the differences you have with others.

7. You will be more well-mannered

Who doesn’t like a polite person? I haven’t come across anybody that does not like a well-mannered person.

As a step to being polite, you have to respect others. In reality, when you respect others, you become more humble, dutiful, polite, and courteous.

Show me someone who does not like to be around someone with these attributes.

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8. It will make you more likeable

Showing respect for others makes people like you. Being polite entails waiting for your turn to speak and not interrupting others.

You should reply to text messages and missed calls as soon as you can.

When you’re respectful, you won’t be rude to even strangers or disregard other people’s opinions and personalities.

People who have mastered this show others as better off than themselves and won’t enforce their will on others.

I can boldly tell you that if you have all these characteristics (and some more), you would be liked by almost everyone you encounter.

9. It adds value

Value and respect are synonymous. The value ascribed to a thing is directly related to the respect the thing commands.

A one-dollar note commands a value of one dollar. That is the respect given to it. This is true for both things and people.

When you respect someone that does not deserve it, it will place a value on them.

Even if the person is hard-hearted, you will naturally soften his heart. That is the reason a respectful child receives more from his/her parent than a disrespectful child.

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10. You get better at teaching others

Respect is one of the things that make you teach better because people will like to hear from you.

When you respect others, people will look up to you to teach them about other things.

Not only will you be able to teach respect effectively, but you will also be better at teaching other subjects.

And as you know already, when you like a teacher, you will do better in that subject.

11. It makes you fit socially and culturally

There are more cultures in the world than there are countries yet all cultures have one language –respect. Different cultures approach respect in different manners but the baseline is that there is a form of honour. I know someone that seamlessly flow with other people everywhere she went. I mean everywhere. Talk about conferences, social or religious gatherings, meetings, and other functions. One thing I noticed about her is that she speaks other people’s languages when she’s around them, which is great.

12. It helps your social life

Do I need to spell this out? People with the best social life respect others. Respecting others will make you have a lot of friends teeming around you. People will want to be your friends and get your attention. Show me a person with a good social life and I will show you a respectful, polite, and likeable person. Showing respect will ensure you attract the right set of people to build your social life.

13. An overall better life

Not only will your social life improve when you respect others. Your life, in general, will become better as a result of respecting others. The people you respect would be disposed to help you either with substance or knowledge. If you don’t respect your teacher, you wouldn’t gain much from him. The same thing goes for your parents, if you don’t give due respects, you will be limited to a few goodies. So to enjoy a good life you must show respect to others.

14. It is your image

The bottom line is this, people take note of how you made them feel more than any other thing. People will forget the cologne you wear, your ethnic group, religion, language, and class. One thing with a lasting impression is how they felt around you. Being respectful of others will make me feel like they are at the top of the world. No one will forget you for making them feel good, loved, and respected.

15. It makes everyone feel good

When you show respect to someone, the person feels good. Being respectful will make you happier too. It might be because you have made someone happy that you are happy or it might just be because you just showed respecting others isn’t so tough after all. Either way, both parties feel good and this feeling will spread to the entire society as you continue showing respect.

With all these importance stated, it is essential for you to respect others. It is required as long as you live in a society of people. Respecting others is not innate, you have to learn how to do it.

Here are simple ways to show you respect others.

1. Service

An important element in showing respect is service to others. Serving shows that others are valuable. The quiddity of man is to serve others. Everything you do – talk, walk, sports, religious activities – are a means of serving others.

2. Show kindness

Akin to service is kindness. It is difficult to serve without kindness and impossible to be kind and not serve. People naturally show kindness to a person of worth. So, show kindness to others. When you do, it shows you ascribe significance to them.

3. Assert

This should not be confused with flattery. While flattery is empty, the respectful assertion is full. It is just a simple way to show that you respect a person. It is as simple as saying something positive about the person. Even though it starts with an observation of something good about a person, it shouldn’t end there. The observation should be verbalized or shown.

4. Listen with genuine interest to others

Pay utmost attention to others when they are talking to you. Do not fiddle with your phone or get carried away in thoughts when you’re are having a conversation. As much as you would like your voice to be heard, allow others’ voices to be heard also.

5. Share

Sharing is a way of showing respect. When you share your resources, it depicts that you value the other person. You can share your time, materials, knowledge, space, and other things.

6. Be polite

It is easy and cheap. Please, sorry, and thank you. Let your words and actions portray politeness to others. You never can tell, your polite acts could make somebody’s day. Your communication should be seasoned with salt.

7. Show gratitude

Count everything that is done to you as a favour and show gratitude for it. It shouldn’t matter if the act is big or small. What should matter is that the act is done and it must be appreciated. Make it a part of you to thank others.

Other ways to show respect for others include:

  • Give more than you get
  • Cause no harm
  • Keep your word
  • Maintain integrity
  • Help others
  • Be fair to all
  • Be genuine
  • Mean your words
  • Be humble
  • Don’t gossip


Being respectful is key to receiving from both God and man. It might be tough to show respect at all times to others but everyone deserves it as humans. It doesn’t matter how small the gesture is, show it. Little drops make an ocean.

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