15 Behaviors That Destroy Relationships


There are definitely several behaviors that destroy relationships, this article will espouse a few.

Falling in love is simple but the ability to build a happy relationship is as hard as a rock.

Relationships pass through various phases, relationships start from friendship, proposal, and engagement to walking down the aisle.

In this article, I am going to explain fifteen behaviors that destroy relationships.

1. Excessive Jealousy:

15 Behaviors That Destroy Relationships

Jealousy is a destructive weapon that destroys any relationship, so it is important to discover creative ways to communicate respectfully to avoid misunderstanding or jealousy of any sort.

At times, a tiny drop of jealousy might be beneficial because it creates the feeling of being wanted.

However, excessive jealousy destroys a relationship. jealousy leads to possessiveness.

Often times, the jealous partner often makes their lovers stop communicating with their friends and family.

Jealousy is one of the behaviors that destroy relationships within a twinkle of an eye.

2. Entitlement Mentality:

How is entitlement mentality a behavior that destroys relationships?

The entitlement mentality is mostly applicable to money and material possessions.

It comes when a partner feels the universe should be at his or her feet without showing any form of gratitude.

In most cases, an entitlement mentality is a precursor to disappointment.

It destroys relationships because it makes the partner bringing satisfaction to the table think he or she is not doing enough.

3. Cheating or Infidelity:

Cheating involves seeking sexual or emotional satisfaction from other people without your partner’s permission.

Marriage counselors ascertained that cheating is one of the major reasons why many couples divorce.

Do you know that Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, and his wife Melinda Gates, divorced after more than twenty years of marriage due to allegations arising from infidelity?

Do you know the famous Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

In an interview held with the LA times, Arnold acknowledged his twenty- five years marriage crashed after he confessed to his wife that he fathered a child with one of his domestic staff.

Infidelity is one of the immediate causes of heartbreak in relationships. When infidelity arises in a relationship, there is a probability that the relationship might sink like the famous Titanic ship.

Infidelity is a behavior that destroys relationships because most divorce cases are usually tied to allegations related to infidelity.

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4. Arrogance:

15 Behaviors That Destroy Relationships

Arrogance kills a loving relationship faster.

It is like a cancer ailment in a relationship. Arrogance occurs when a partner makes his or her better half feel inferior.

Arrogance ruins relationships. Nobody wants to be with an arrogant partner, but it’s not the end of the world as there are creative ways to deal with your anger or arrogance.

The power of arrogance in destroying relationships can not be underestimated.

5. Lack of communication:

Lack of communication destroys relationships faster.

Couples that lack communication often encounter unresolved disagreements. Lack of communication causes sadness, bitterness, and emotional disconnection.

Saving records of yesterday’s quarrel adds more problems to relationships. When there is no longer communication, friendship in the relationship ends.

Kingsley Okonkwo, a famous relationship coach, affirmed that most relationships crash as a result of a lack of communication.

6. Playing the victim:

What does playing the victim in a relationship means?

Playing the victim game is applicable in relationships where partners shift blame to their better halves.

The partner involved in the blame game masters the act of manipulation to cover his or her character flaws.

Relationships are destroyed when couples or intending couples play the victim game.

7. Inadequate knowledge of love languages:

15 Behaviors That Destroy Relationships

What does love language mean? Garry Chapman, an American author, explained what the five love languages entail.

They are words of affirmation, receiving gifts, spending quality time with each other, physical touch, and the act of service.

In a situation where inadequate knowledge of the love language persists, the relationship might not stand the test of time.

For example, an individual whose love language is spending quality time with their spouse might dislike the idea of their partner bringing up excuses related to busy schedules.

Inadequate knowledge of love language is an act that destroys relationships.

8. Selfishness:

Selfishness occurs when a partner’s interest is relegated to the background by their better half.

This is a red flag in every relationship. The signs of selfishness include prioritizing your achievement over your partner and possessing a controlling attitude.

Selfishness is a toxic behavior that damages a blissful relationship.

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9. Excessive financial demand:

This behavior is common to both genders involved in relationships, especially females.

Relying heavily on a partner’s finances might send the wrong signal to a loving relationship.

Excessive financial demand arises when one of the love birds is from a humble background while some people enter relationships with the motive of boosting their finances.

Excessive financial demand is a parasitic behavior that destroys relationships.

10. Controlling attitude:

Many people cannot separate their professional life from their relationships.

Professionally, heading a department involves controlling employees.

However, When a controlling attitude is transferred to a relationship.

Such a relationship might end on a bad note because nobody wants a bossy partner.

A controlling attitude destroys relationships, as there is no understanding of the importance of selflessness and sacrifice. 

11. Stuck in the past:

In most cases, being stuck in the past is a behavior that destroys relationships.

In a condition where a partner suffers from past emotional trauma, the feeling of betrayal, and physical abuse, such a partner is likely to have a problem with his or her current relationship.

Grading a current relationship based on a past bad relationship experience destroys relationships.

Many people are imprisoned by their past bad experiences to the extent they can’t catch a glimpse of what the future holds.

Being imprisoned by past bad experiences damages relationships.

12. Poor hygiene habits:

How do poor hygienic habits destroy relationships?

Poor hygienic habits include keeping unkempt hair, having bad breath, keeping long fingernails trapped with germs, refusing to shower, piling up dirty cloth without washing them, and sleeping at night with makeup on.

Poor hygienic habits of a partner can turn the other partner off.

Engaging in romantic relationships requires proper personal hygiene because romantic relationships involve intimacy, hugging, shaking hands, and cuddling.

Many marriages and relationships have ended on allegations of poor hygienic behavior. Marriage counselors and relationship coaches can attest to the magnitude of destruction, poor hygiene has done to many relationships.

Poor hygiene is an underrated behavior that destroys relationships.

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13. Enjoying Singlehood:

15 Behaviors That Destroy Relationships

There is a difference between singlehood and being in a relationship.

For instance, spending the weekend with friends and family instead of spending quality time together might send the wrong message to such a relationship.

Enjoying singlehood at the expense of one’s partner destroys the relationship.

14. Running away from a fight:

Running away from a fight when disagreement occurs destroys a relationship.

Bottling up grievances leads to resentment and anger.

Running away from a fight without a good communication strategy is a behavior that can destroy relationships.

15. Lack of support:

There are various types of support required in a relationship.

They include emotional support, financial support, and sometimes spiritual support.

When this aforementioned support is missing in a relationship, such a relationship might lead to a breakup because everyone desires to get love and support from their partner in relationships.

It will interest you to know that there are really efficient emotional support phrases to use with your spouse.

Relationships get destroyed when a partner is no longer getting the required support.


A relationship affair is as fragile as glass because it is affected by any slight mistake.

All the aforementioned points are behaviors that destroy relationships with the inclusion of infidelity.

Many intending couples and couples see infidelity as an unforgivable offense that destroys a long-term relationship.

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