50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People


50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People

“Successful People are simply those with successful habits” – Brian Tracy

Habits are a set of activities and actions that we often do repeatedly without realizing it. Habits are like pieces of cognitive software that have been programmed into the basal ganglia part of our brain.

They consist of rituals and behaviours that we perform automatically, allowing us to carry out tasks such as brushing our teeth, tieing shoelaces, driving to work or cooking a familiar dish without even thinking about it.

Habits form neurological patterns in our brains and once these patterns are burned in, they cannot be erased. This means that old sayings such as “old habits die hard” and “once you learn to ride a bike, you’ll never forget” are probably true. Our habits run our lives or as John Dryden puts it ” We first make our habits, then our habits make us”.

Every day, we activate hundreds of habits in our brains. Successful people have a set of peculiar habits that they practise every single day. If you want to find out what those are, then read on!

1. The habit of creating

There’s a force inside each one of us that urges us to create. Every day, we wake up, get to work and become engrossed in our tasks, go home and the cycle of business repeats itself over and over. We don’t realize that most of our work time is spent creating for others. Although we gain valuable skills and experience along the way, the activity of creating for ourselves shouldn’t be neglected.

Creating for others is one thing. But there’s a certain undefinable, infinitely satisfying fulfilment that comes from creating something of value just for yourself. Cut out time to create for you. It’s not about if you have the time to, it’s about consciously carving out time to put your creative power to use.

This might mean waking up a half or a full hour early just to make this possible. When you start the day creating, the day is already a success. If you’re not a morning person, then feel free to block out time at any other part of the day. Creating value daily is a habit that ensures life long success.

2. The habit of persistence

“Persist and Persevere and you will find out that all things are possible, attainable.” – Philip Dormer

Whatever you do and do well, make it a habit to keep at it. If you write, one word at a time is what will help you complete that piece of writing. Being thoroughly engaged in your job and putting in relentless efforts will help you achieve a remarkable body of work – a mark of guaranteed success.

3. The early rising habit

50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People

50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People

There are many benefits to waking up early. First, the early hours of the day can be the extra time you put into doing something that matters to you. Next, if you start your workday before everyone else, it makes it easier to focus and get started on the most important tasks with minimal distractions. So, quit hitting the snooze button. Set the tone for a successful day by getting up early.

4. The positive mental image habit

The images we play in our heads inevitably become our reality. If we focus more on problems, they multiply and become unconquerable. But if you play the right mental images (positive ones), you are able to look beyond our problems and identify the possibilities that lie in them.

Every time you catch yourself being pessimistic, consciously replace those thoughts with hopeful ones. Not only will you feel better mentally, but you’ll also put yourself in the right state of mind to deal with your problems. Quit brooding on your problems, ditch negativity and you’ll be happier and ultimately more successful as a result.

5. The anti-distraction habit

“The most dangerous items on your to-do list are the ones that look like opportunities but are distractions”- James Clear.

Isn’t it annoying when you set out to do something and at the end of the stipulated time, you find out that you weren’t able to achieve anything? Why? Probably because you got carried away with something that isn’t remotely important – you were distracted.

Distractions come in many forms – texting, emails, notifications on your phone, TV screens etc. These things are super useful tools of communication but can become distractions if not used properly.  So, put yourself in an “anti-distraction” mode when you work. To get real work done each day, block out time, cut out the clutter, the noise or the ping on your phone and do everything to engross yourself in the task at hand or simply the present moment.

6. The prioritizing habit

50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People

50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important”- Dwight Elsenhower

If you’re like me, your to-do list probably has hundreds of tasks (literally). In the hassles of a busy life, it’s easy to get caught up in tasks that seem important or deadlines that you have to meet that you lose sight of what matters to you, and forget long-term goals. For true success, pull yourself above business and focus on purpose and productivity.

7. The exercise habit

The health and mental benefits of exercise include lowered blood pressure, a boost in the immune system, improved brain power, physical fitness, and lower stress levels amongst others. Successful people know this and it’s no wonder that they make a habit of exercising every single day. It doesn’t have to be done with state of the art equipment.A simple 10 min jog or a brisk walk will work wonders for your physical and mental health.

8. The reading habit

Reading is to the brain what exercise is to the body. Read widely. Read random pieces of writing on topics that are not related to your interests. Whether it’s reading the newspaper in the morning or the random article or novel during the day, make reading a part of your daily routine. Reading regularly sharpens the intellect, broadens your perspective and helps you appreciate life more.

9. The planning ahead habit

Successful people are most often not caught unawares. They think things through and plan their days ahead. This set them up for success because they can identify their goals with clear-eyed clarity and go after them with whole-hearted vigour. Plus, it helps them to manage time because they know what they ought to be doing at every point in time. Be it the night before or each morning, make planning a huge part of your daily routine. Visualize how the next day will be like, what you plan to achieve and how you want to go about doing it.

10. The goal-setting habit

Goals give us purpose, a reason to be happy and enthusiastic, they add meaning to our lives. Set clear, attainable goals for each day (and the future). This will increase your chances of achieving them. And as you see yourself meeting goals every day, you’ll be motivated and feel more in control of your life.

11. The habit of gratitude

Successful and happy people know they have a lot to be thankful and they don’t hesitate to show it. Every day, specifically think about the things that are right in your life and dwell on them. This will put you in the right frame of mind to tackle the day’s challenges.

12. The habit of learning

50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People

50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People

Learn daily. Just as people begin to look for solutions to marriage problems online, you can also find a couple of solutions at your grasp. That’s the best way to ensure your personal growth and development. Cultivate an avid curiosity about the world around you, ask questions, read, listen to TED talks, podcasts,  learn from old and new experiences and make life-long learning a daily task.

13. The giving habit

Successful people are givers. They understand that their success is about the world and how they can impact it positively as it is about them. Being kind, generous and helpful doesn’t just feel great, it also defines true success. So find ways in which you give more – of yourself, time, money or other resources.

14. Eat the frog habit

Eating the frog simply means tackling the hardest task first. We all Like to start our day easy and shift difficult tasks to times we feel like doing them. But the thing is, it becomes easier to procrastinate that way and most often we end up not doing them at all. So, everyday catch the frog and eat it! When you tackle a challenging task earlier in the day, you pave the way for the completion of other less difficult tasks.

15. The self-awareness habit

Top performers know who they are and what they want from life. They employ this knowledge in identifying what works for them, refining it and putting it into effective use. They don’t follow trends or compare themselves to others. When you find out what works for you, stick with it and strive to do it better.

16. The habit of mindfulness

Yesterday is gone, the future is coming but today is here, given to us, that’s why it’s called the present. Mindfulness is a state of complete awareness of one’s thoughts and experiences on a moment to moment basis. Mindfulness not only helps you learn from the mundane things of day to day life, but it also gives you a heightened state of awareness of your existence – a key to living happy and full.

17. The fun habit

50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People

50 Daily Success Habits For Exceptional People

Loosen up. Life is like a roller coaster ride and the more you enjoy the dips and turns – wholeheartedly living it to the fullest, the more successful you’ll be.

18. The “Hungry” habit

People who go after their dreams and goals with laser focus and insane drive are “hungry” – their desire for success is white-hot and so much that it pushes them on and on. These people are bound to be successful. Just how “hungry”  are you for success?

19. The politeness habit

Politeness. It’s a simple term that denotes civility, courtesy and of course good manners – to everyone. Successful people embody the above qualities – their relationship with others is all the better because of it.

20. The organized habit

A cluttered desk, messy room, files haphazardly stacked upon each other… sound familiar? Or perhaps your schedule is what is lacking organization – you don’t have specific tasks in front of you, so you just sort of go with the flow. There’s much to be said for being organized – physically and mentally. It helps saves you time, it helps you work smart ( effectively), and it makes it easier to measure progress. Needless to say that being organized is a habit of successful people.

21. The habit of respect

Respect. For yourself and others. Showing respect is a mental attitude that comes from understanding that every human being ought to be treated with a modicum of dignity. Treat and comport yourself with dignity – treating others the same way will only come naturally.

22. The habit of eating right

Successful people are mindful of their health. You are what you eat. Your body is just like a vehicle, fill it with the fuel of the highest grade.

23. The live by your values habit

Your values are what you deem important in your life. True success and fulfilment only come when you organize and live your life around those values. Values might be abstract principles ( honesty, hard work, integrity and so on) or aspects of your life that are Paramount. Your values only become relevant by your actions. So, if you count honesty as a value, you’ll be willing to forgo short term profit in place of being honest.

24. The Smiling habit

Did you know that smiling takes less effort than Frowning? What’s more, it makes you look better – instantly. A smile is a great thing to always paste on that face of yours.

25. The get enough sleep habit

This comes right undertaking good care of yourself. The more hours you work don’t determine how successful you’ll become. Especially when your working hours cut into your sleep time to an absurd degree. Waking up well-rested is a great way to start a productive day. Taking ina nap during a busy(if your work allows it) can serve as an instant boost to your productivity. Think about it, you’re not productive when you’re physically or mentally exhausted, are you?

26. The common sense habit

It is said that the average person has an enormous amount of common Sense because he or she hasn’t used any or much of it yet. Common Sense, for success, is defined as ” The ability to learn from experience and then to apply those lessons to subsequent experiences”. Common sense is a core quality that enables a person to become increasingly more effective over time.

27. The self-belief habit

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Successful people know this and are resolute about thinking positive things about themselves. They see themselves as being successful and believe that they have what it takes to achieve their dreams. Their Perception becomes their reality.

28. The habit of Self-Confidence

“There can be no great courage where there is no confidence or assurance, and half the battle is in the conviction that we can do what we undertake” – Orison Swett Marden. ” Self-confidence is the hinge on which the gate of individual achievements turns” – Brian Tracy.

29. The mindset habit

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” – William Shakespeare. You do not think/believe what you see, you see what you believe/ think. Change your mindsets – change your life! It’s as simple as that.

30. The habit of self-love

Self-love means loving yourself – body, soul and mind. It can be manifested in different ways such as by considering your own needs while making decisions, by giving yourself a break when you need it or by adopting habits that will help you fulfil your dreams. People who love themselves are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression and have great mental wellbeing – an essential ingredient for success in life.

31. The Risk-taking habit

What if the stock market came crashing down and you lost all your money? What if you started a business, it failed and you went bankrupt? Everyone faces questions like this but what distinguish the Successful ones is the fact that they take the plunge anyway. They don’t allow the probability of failure to stop them from trying, trying and trying again!

32. The work-hard habit

Remember the old Maxim ” No Pain, no Gain”? Well, it’s true! Successful people don’t just work Smart, they put in the hard work needed. They don’t go looking for shortcuts or the easy way out, they stay for the long haul until they make headway. Remember the habit of taking risks? Well, Successful people back up these risks by putting in their one-hundred percent!

33. The habit of setting goals

Your ability to set clear goals, make plans for their accomplishment and follow through on your plans is the “master skill” of success, without which very little is possible!

34. The skill-horning habit

Successful people, who remain successful, never feel that they have arrived yet. Their skill(s) are constantly analyzed, horned and refined. They identify core skills they’re lacking in and proceed to master them. This enables them to move to the top of their careers.

35. The habit of self-affirmation

The Strength that comes from within is perhaps the most important force you can bank on in your pursuit of success. Every day, Successful people build up that strength by affirming themselves using strong, definitive words such as “I earn…”, ” I am…”, “I achieve…” etc. Affirming yourself daily will help you stoke that inner strength and fire – an important force in your pursuit of success.

36. The habit of Fearlessness

Fear of all kinds works on us unconsciously to undermine and sabotage our best intentions and hopes. Bravery has been defined as taking action despite the presence of fear. Successful people do this time and time again.

37. The Anti Comfort Zone Habit

The greatest enemy of human achievements is the comfort zone. Successful people, who remain successful, constantly push their boundaries. They don’t allow themselves to slip into any zone of performance/behaviour that is easy and unchallenging. They don’t keep striving and pushing the limits of their abilities.

38. The habit of positivity/Optimism

Positive energy helps you consider problems in a fix-it manner and build momentum. So get you some positivity. Not just that, surround yourself with people who are positive-minded.

39. The habit of Strength/ Resilience

The journey to success will not always be smooth. What keeps you going is strength/resilience in the face of adversity. This strength comes from dwelling on your strengths and successes rather than your weaknesses or problems. Strong, Competent people who go on to become successful choose to look at their cup as being half-full rather than half-empty.

40. The habit of doing what you love

Many successful people attribute their success to the fact that they are “Doing what they love”.

41. The habit of Excellence

Committing to becoming excellent at whatever it is that you do is deciding to be successful. Excellence is learnable and successful people have made a life-long commitment to learning it.

42. The journal-keeping habit

Your journal can be much than a place to record events or vent. It can be a place where you jot down important ideas and goals and plan their execution. Once those ideas hit paper, they become crystallized rather than random, jumbled thoughts.  What’s written becomes real.

43. The habit of humility

You can never become too successful to learn. Your way is not always the right way so it would be a useful habit to check your pride from time to time and drop your pride at the door. Successful people understand that they are not the best at everything, so why be arrogant?

44. The habit of listening

You’ve got two ears and just one mouth. Listen, listen and listen again. Listening helps in defusing tension and eliminating negative feelings. Plus, you can learn a lot about yourself and others by just listening more

45. The habit of realism

Successful people don’t live in a world of fantasy. They face reality as it is, head-on. And make every moment of chaos and opportunity for learning and growing.

46. The habit of never taking “no” for an answer

The hundreds of “no”s you hear does not mean that your idea or request is not possible, it just means that you have to try again a different way. Many Successful people would never have achieved anything of consequence if they made “no” their final answer.

47. The habit of living a balanced life

Making your work consume you is not the way to go. Keeping a little bit of balance in your life in different ways- dinner with your family, an hour for a movie, engaging in your hobbies – can inject freshness and enthusiasm for your work into you.

48. The think like the other person habit

Viewing life from the perspectives of the people you relate with can work wonders for your relationship with others. If you’re an employee, think like your boss. If you’re a business owner see your products/services through the lens of your clients/customers. You learn, broaden the way you think and avoid getting your ego in the mix.

49. The habit of moving your body

One of the important success habits is moving your body. Move your body every single day. Even if it’s a short walk or simple aerobic exercises.

50. The Relaxation habit

Every day, give yourself time to unwind, decompress and shake off the day’s stress. At the end of the day, find a quiet place to just breathe and absorb the events and lessons you had that day.

Finally, remember that: “It doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful you are right now. What matters is whether your habits are putting you on the path toward success. You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.”

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